Who is in control?

Anyone who knows me knows I am teetotal. There are 3 reasons for this:

1. I suffered as a child at the hands of an alcoholic
2. Even the smell of alcohol makes me feel sick
3. I remember being drunk having no control over myself

The first point is no longer an issue, I am old enough to ensure that the alcoholic in question has no power over me.

The second point is simple, just avoid alcohol.

The third point has got me thinking. Because of point number 2 I won’t be in a position that I will be drunk, however will I always be in control? Are you in control, if not who is controlling you?

The reason why I question this is that I spent over 20 years in a high control group. I did not realise it at the time but everything about my life was being dictated to me. What I wore, what I read, what I ate, what I watched or listened to, my recreation, how I spent my time was all controlled by the group I was in.

How could I have not seen this? As a cynical and skeptical person I have asked this many times. I have come to the conclusion it is because all my time was taken up following the rules and regulations, however no matter how hard I tried, how much of myself I gave it was never enough and I had no time to check it out for myself.

Now I am no longer a member I can think for myself and make decisions for myself and I have never been happier. However there is a cost to this.

I still have family members who are in the high control group, and they have been told that anyone that leaves the group are to be viewed as a dead person. They are not allowed any contact with me. When I decided that I did not want to be a member of the group, it was the group I had an issue with, not the individual members. I did not want to be identified as a member of a high control group, one that has ruined literally thousands of lives. I did not however cut myself off from my family, who all know me as a nice and decent person.

Sadly as soon as they have found out I am no longer a member of their group they are no longer allowed to talk to me.

I have no control over this, the more I protest the more they believe it to be a test of their loyalty to their group. They have no control over this as they have relinquished their lives to the group.

So I ask again, who is in control? No-one is in complete control. Maybe I should take up drinking after all….

More about mind control

The Sky

I like taking pictures of the sky, especially when it is getting dusk, it can get quite atmospheric. Here are just 3 of my recent favourites:


Have you seen Prezi before? It’s been around for a while, it is an alternative to using PowerPoint or similar. I used it when it first came out and was OK, but today I went into it to change a presentation I was going to use and noticed it has a new interface.

It is actually very easy to use now, and you can do some nice things with it. I have made a mental not to use it more often, though I need to make the time to do so.

Here’s the presentation I made:

Fancy flying?

Have you ever fancied flying, it’s one of the super powers I’d love to have, that and being invisible (though judging by a lot of people’s reactions I may have already got that superpower!).

Anyway, back to flying, if I had the money and the guts, this looks amazing:

2 Galleries on 1 WP page

I was recently asked to rebuild the Caledonian Furniture website, and of course decided to use WordPress. All was fine until I got to a gallery page that needed 2 galleries for two different types of product.

After doing some searching, and not wanting to use any plugin that might affect the images and galleries on the rest of the site I came across a really simple solution.

Start a new post and put in your first gallery, but make the post Private.

Create your second post, add in your second gallery, and make this private also.

In admin, hover over the post title and look for the post ID, it will look something like “post=123″, and take a note of the 2 post ID’s or numbers. Let’s say they are 123 and 124.

Now create your Page or Post, and where you want your gallery in post 123 you simply put gallery id=”123″ and place the [ and ] either side

and then you can place whatever text you want after and where you want your gallery in post 124, put gallery id=”124” and place the [ and ] either side

Nice and simple isn’t it!