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weeme Thanks for visiting. As this is my personal site, there is not much here, however feel free to look around.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland I live about 20 minutes from the City Centre. Many people get confused however, because I have a non-regional accent, as I lived in Cheshire and Sussex when I was a wee lad. It wouldn't take you too long to guess that I have an interest in cars. Also remember, please don't take anything I say too seriously, as I am not always as serious as you might think!

I have spent many years selling office equipment and consumables including dictation supplies, rubber stamps and office machines. A lot of my time is taken advising hospitals, medical centres and solicitors on digital dictation. I also have a balloon and party shop where I can get creative and bring smiles to people faces.

Happy Survivor

You may be wondering what I mean by that, well we all have our own story to tell and there are many who've had it worse than me. I survived child sexual abuse and recently saw my abuser sentenced, and am also a cult survivor. I have mental scars from both these which at times plague me, but for the most part can proudly say I have survived. [Read More]

Undue Influence

Worldwide, millions of people are encouraged to act against their own better interests, without even knowing it; they are encouraged to behave a certain way through the application of undue influence, a technique which is widely used and commonly overlooked.

How would you spot undue influence? There are common features that demonstrate undue influence, which usually co-exist. Phrases such as:

"We have the truth"

"I cannot communicate with you any longer"

"You can't trust outsiders"

Plus much more are indicators of undue influence. [Learn more here]

Once such organisation is Watchtower / Jehovah's Witnesses

Are you a follower of JW.org? Do you know if you have been told the truth? Seek the real truth.........xjworng


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