Male survivors

Today I am posting this as it is over a year since I posted on this subject with some useful information. I had thought there would be a stigma and shame attached to being a male survivor, however that is not the case anymore. My abuser always made out he was macho, and certainly phrases […]

Undue Influence

“Undue Influence is the application of social, emotional or physical pressure to convince a person to align with some cause or belief system against their better interests. It involves an individual or group taking a position of power or authority to gradually prevent the targeted person from being able to exercise their independent will.  Also referred to as destructive […]

Number 10

I was recently invited to take part in a demonstration in Parliament Square in London. It was to highlight the flaws within the organisation of Jehovah’s Witnesses when it comes to child protection. This is a subject close to my heart, the thought of anyone suffering child abuse is very upsetting but having a system […]

Dead or Alive

Am I dead or alive? Well it depends on who you ask. Ask any of my friends, ask any doctor, ask any of my work colleagues, my dad or children and they will confirm that I am still at this moment alive. However it appears that my Jehovah’s Witness family think I am dead. After […]

Moral responsibility

This is a huge subject, however I wanted to write a small piece about acting with personal or moral responsibility. In the course of our lives there are times when we have to make a choice, what is morally the right thing to do. Let’s say for example you see someone drop a bag of […]