Clever exiting of the JWs

I had the pleasure of meeting briefly yesterday Anthony Roberts in Edinburgh. Having never met or heard of him before I was interested to hear his story in exiting the cult of and he had stated he had a YouTube channel. Having just watched this this morning I am highly recommending anyone that is […]

Guardian Newspaper articles March 2018

For several years I have been passionate about highlighting the huge problem that is being kept ‘secret’ within Jehovah’s Witnesses. Every now and then investigative journalists pick up the story and run with it. Here are some articles that Sarah Marsh has been producing, which is very encouraging in getting the message out there. Jehovah’s […]

My story

My name is Nick French and I was born in Glasgow in the early 70s. My mother and father divorced when I was young and my mother moved away with my sister and me to Cheshire in the late 70s. It was here that she was contacted by Jehovah’s Witnesses (hereafter JWs) and she became […]

A history lesson

I remember when I was a JW receiving a green book called ‘Proclaimers’ which was a book detailing the history of Watchtower. I believe the book is no longer available as they have to keep rewriting their own history, the following is a very helpful video which helps to show the development from study groups […]

JWs and the Autralian Royal Commission

I have not written much about this as plenty of people have. If you do not know what this is then I highly recommend you reading this: What I will say is that I am in truly grateful for the testimonies of BCG and BCB, and all I ask is that Watchtower change their […]

JWs fail to cooperate

In my case against my abuser the elders refused to cooperate with the police after my abuser had disclosed that he had made a confession to the elders. This is common practice for JWs to not cooperate. The following illustrates this. Each congregation is run as a seperate charity, it’s actually clever business. The trustees […]