The Truth Project

So last week I was listened to by some lovely people at the Truth Project which is part of The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA). I felt it was important to have my story listened to as IICSA is looking into where children have been failed in the past by organisations with a […]

Male Rape and Sexual Abuse

This is a subject close to my heart, being a survivor, working on being a thriver. I came across Survivors UK when searching online for help recently, although having seen my abuser sentenced and sent to prison, and having had therapy and counselling I still suffer with dark days and was looking for a little […]

JW Protest London

So this weekend I was in London, having booked my flights and accomodation months ago, not knowing quite what to expect. I was going for a protest along with what I was hoping would be a few more than just me, which is what had happened a few weeks previous when I went to the […]

I was interviewed

My good friends Marc and Cora called me one day and said, “Nick, Christian and Katja are coming to visit us. Would you like to come and meet them?” Of course I wanted to, they are such a beautiful couple and have done so much to help people escape Watchtower. I travelled the few hundred […]

Apostasy Film Review

After watching this tonight at Glasgow Film Theatre what can I say? It’s a must watch for anyone wanting an insight into the world of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The attention to detail and accuracy gives viewers a view of this closed community that insiders experience. Whilst not every family experience the situations dealt with in this […]

Clever exiting of the JWs

I had the pleasure of meeting briefly yesterday Anthony Roberts in Edinburgh. Having never met or heard of him before I was interested to hear his story in exiting the cult of and he had stated he had a YouTube channel. Having just watched this this morning I am highly recommending anyone that is […]

Guardian Newspaper articles March 2018

For several years I have been passionate about highlighting the huge problem that is being kept ‘secret’ within Jehovah’s Witnesses. Every now and then investigative journalists pick up the story and run with it. Here are some articles that Sarah Marsh has been producing, which is very encouraging in getting the message out there. Jehovah’s […]