I have not written much about this as plenty of people have. If you do not know what this is then I highly recommend you reading this:


What I will say is that I am in truly grateful for the testimonies of BCG and BCB, and all I ask is that Watchtower change their policies as per the ARC recommendations.

  • Drop the Two Witness Rule when an allegation of sex abuse is made
  • Stop the Shunning
  • Allow women equality
  • Stop the secrets

By doing this then you will be operating in a more Christ like manner and not operating as most large businesses do by having a huge PR machine that avoids answering questions and hides the truth.

It is clear from the investigation that pedophilia is a massive problem within the JWs and that they are doing everything they can to stop people finding out.

Finally I wish BCG and BCB true peace and happiness and thank them from the bottom of my heart for being part of such an important investigation.