Testimony of Geoffrey Jackson (summary) before ARC

Summary of the testimony of Geoffrey Jackson, a member of Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, before Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse on 14th August 2015.

The Royal Commission found 1006 cases of pedophiles withing Jehovah’s Witnesses organization, all of which were not reported to the authorities.

The Two Witness Rule is discussed around the time of 18:10, here the ARC lawyer clearly shows the JWs hold onto this rule based on incorrect understanding of scripture.

At around the 24 minute mark they discuss if people can leave and not be subject to their rules. Another lie is told by Mr Jackson here, I was summonsed to a meeting with 2 elders and quizzed whether I had a Christmas tree and told if I did I would be an apostate.

Source and references on the official website of the commission:


About the author: Nick

Nick was born early 1970s and had to grow up way too quickly, experiencing more than any child should. Today on top of working and being a dad to 2 children he helps as many as he can escape from Undue Influence