I was interviewed

My good friends Marc and Cora called me one day and said, “Nick, Christian and Katja are coming to visit us. Would you like to come and meet them?” Of course I wanted to, they are such a beautiful couple and have done so much to help people escape Watchtower. I travelled the few hundred miles and stayed over with Marc and Cora. Christian and Katja were embarking on making a documentary series interviewing exJWs and they wanted to interview my friends. They were happy to interview me too and we had an enjoyable time together, we have since become friends and I wish them every happiness in their own journey.

Here is the finished interview [CAUTION: May be triggering]:


About the author: Nick

Nick was born early 1970s and had to grow up way too quickly, experiencing more than any child should. Today on top of working and being a dad to 2 children he helps as many as he can escape from Undue Influence