I woke up from the JWs for good in 2011 after discovering some lies that had been taught, and for me if they could lie on one subject I wondered if they had lied in other ways too.

Well my mind was about to be blown! As I researched I found lie after lie. However sharing these lies with who were then my friends and family would have meant a total cutting off from the group, and I wasn’t ready for that yet.

I did though want to put together some of the information I had found, both for me and for others to view. Research is very important, especially when it comes to life altering decisions. We use services to review restaurants we are considering going to, we look are reviews on products we are thinking of purchasing. Therefore we should do the same for any group we want to associate with, and it is even more important if that group turns out to be a high control group also known as a cult.

So in 2013 I put together some of my findings and decided to put them into a website, and thus X-J-W.org was born. It is a small website with no advertising having been done and yet it gets around a thousand new visitors every month.

Every year I wonder if I should close it down, there is an element of cost involved in keeping it up, but I see that people still visit and so I keep it up even though I haven’t updated it for a while.

You can visit it here: http://www.x-j-w.org/