7 years after the inquiry commenced on 21st October 2022 the final report was released.

[A copy of it is here]

In my last post on this when the interim report was published I ended by saying that I hope the Inquiry recommends Mandatory Reporting, and sure enough one of the recommendations is this. Their suggestion can be left open to interpretation however it is a big step forward.

For many years survivors have campaigned for a long time for this, and the organisations who have deliberately tried to cover up child abuse have painted us out to be in the minority and only interested in money or ourselves!

This report has proved that the problem is much bigger than the average person could have imagined and justifies the years of campaigning that has gone on to protect and safeguard children.

It is true that at this stage the report can only recommend, but it is hoped that in time the laws in the UK are changed to incorporate mandatory reporting.

Whilst the IICSA website is still available you can also get a summary and rapid read report here: https://www.iicsa.org.uk/reports-recommendations/publications/inquiry/final-report

News article on the final report: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-63318342