Since I left school at 16 I have worked, and since 18 worked for myself. My career has been varied and taught me a lot.

When I left school I worked for Tandy, I was a cleaner and worked in an Apple dealership.

Then when I moved back to Scotland I started working selling computer supplies and also alongside my dad at an office furniture manufacturing company.

The computer supplies businesses developed into an online company and we eventually started selling dictation and transcription equipment. We imported a lot of product and sadly when Brexit happened lost a lot of money and never fully recovered. By this time I had also started a small call centre business, taking telephone calls and arranging diaries for clients.

After 7 years of taking phone calls all day we decided we needed a change and started a party balloon business. That was in 2014 and it has been a delight to be creative and have happy customers who always smile looking at our displays.

Then mid 2023 my dad sadly passed away and so I once again found myself involved in the furniture company as well as making balloon displays.

I truly believe we should never stop learning new skills. Managing and maintaining staff, building and businesses takes a lot of effort and skill, we cannot rest and expect things to happen, we need to make them happen.