This is a huge subject, however I wanted to write a small piece about acting with personal or moral responsibility.

In the course of our lives there are times when we have to make a choice, what is morally the right thing to do. Let’s say for example you see someone drop a bag of shopping. Immediately you might think of helping that person, but if you are late for catching a bus you may walk right past. However, what if that person had collapsed in front of you dropping the bag of shopping. Whether you are late for the bus or not, this person’s life takes priority.

I honestly believe I am in a similar situation when it comes to me being vocal about the dangers of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I have a moral obligation when I see the hurt being inflicted on people by an organisation based on lies to try and help them see the real truth.

Like innocent children playing near danger but blissfully unaware, Jehovah’s Witnesses allow their whole lives to be controlled unaware of what is going on behind the scenes. The lies and coverups that The Watchtower hides from their followers is astonishing, they have to be made aware of them.

Sadly in doing so, ex Jehovah’s Witnesses are shunned for speaking out and they lose their families and friends. The Witnesses are told to believe that such ones are ‘mentally diseased’ and are the ones that are doing the shunning! Such behaviour is not even based on the Bible just like many of their fundamental teachings.

What do I hope to achieve? I want honest hearted people to be able to make well informed choices for themselves, based on all the evidence available, not just the information fed by Watchtower.