For over 10 years I have been actively involved in helping people in general as well as in professional positions understand the dangers of cults, especially ones that are around us in plain sight.

Having spent a decade giving peer support has brought me in contact with many brave people who have been able to escape and find their own path as well as incredibly well educated academics who have made it their career to help such ones, even if they didn’t belong to any high control group themselves.

I am also asked regularly to speak either to the media or at events about the subject of high control groups.

Another role was being a core participant with the IICSA inquiry that was conducted for seven years concluding in 2022. [Read the final report]

I am also working alongside a number of people and The Safeguarding Alliance to try to close the loophole where convicted offenders can change their name and their criminal record doesn’t go with them. [Read more here]

Additionally I have also been involved in training mental health professionals to understand the barriers in helping cult and ex cult members.

“I found the inputs from Lisa Kohn & Nick French, on life in a high-control group, exceptionally powerful & informative.

Feedback from a recent workshop

I felt each if the presenters had expertise in this subject and therefore spoke with passion and authority. Sometimes at CPD events…. one can feel that the content, while interesting, could have been learned from a textbook. This event had speakers who spoke to my heart as well as my mind.

Feedback from a recent workshop