Worldwide, millions of people are encouraged to act against their own better interests, without even knowing it; they are encouraged to behave a certain way through the application of undue influence, a technique which is widely used and commonly overlooked.

How would you spot undue influence? There are common features that demonstrate undue influence, which usually co-exist.

Phrases such as:

“We have the truth”

“I cannot communicate with you any longer”

“You can’t trust outsiders”

Plus much more are indicators of undue influence. [Learn more here]

This includes organisations such Jehovah’s Witnesses/Watchtower, Scientology or Mormon/Chuch of Latter Day Saints. If you are a member of any of these groups please do your research. For instance click on any of the following links to learn the facts that members of their respective groups won’t tell you:
[ Jehovah’s Witnesses ] [ Mormons/LDS ] [ Scientology ]