Am I dead or alive? Well it depends on who you ask.

Ask any of my friends, ask any doctor, ask any of my work colleagues, my dad or children and they will confirm that I am still at this moment alive.

However it appears that my Jehovah’s Witness family think I am dead. After having received an email from my mum about 7 months ago she has kept true to her word, she has ceased all contact with me. A few weeks ago my children received a card along with a gift from her sending them ‘lots of love’ with a PS saying ‘Send my love to your mum’. No mention of their dad! My children have received phone calls from members of the family they have never spoken to over the phone before as if they are now fatherless children.

Why is this? Because I cannot give the religion they belong to any hopes of my return. I do not want to have any association with a religion that covers crimes and does not cooperate with the authorities to bring justice to the criminals in their congregations. As a result of my abhorence of their religion I am now dead to them.

As I am now a dead person I cannot speak, cannot give any opinions or viewpoints, cannot live a happy life, cannot be loved or held. I am just a memory, despite the fact I am still breathing, my heart is still pumping. I still have feelings and have the capacity to love and to hurt.