I was recently asked to rebuild the Caledonian Furniture website, and of course decided to use WordPress. All was fine until I got to a gallery page that needed 2 galleries for two different types of product.

After doing some searching, and not wanting to use any plugin that might affect the images and galleries on the rest of the site I came across a really simple solution.

Start a new post and put in your first gallery, but make the post Private.

Create your second post, add in your second gallery, and make this private also.

In admin, hover over the post title and look for the post ID, it will look something like “post=123″, and take a note of the 2 post ID’s or numbers. Let’s say they are 123 and 124.

Now create your Page or Post, and where you want your gallery in post 123 you simply put gallery id=”123″ and place the [ and ] either side

and then you can place whatever text you want after and where you want your gallery in post 124, put gallery id=”124” and place the [ and ] either side

Nice and simple isn’t it!